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Why is Black Friday called Black Friday? Why do cats like to follow their owners to the toilets? Do fruits become more or less healthy as they ripen? What is the origin of Hong Kong macaroni soups? Jin An and Elisa Liu discuss interesting stuff that they looked up that week. If you have interesting things in your search histories, drop us a comment or DM on our social media and we will look it up on the show! Instagram: @WhyWhyWhyShow Facebook: Why Why Why Show Twitter: @WhyWhyWhyShow Email: whywhywhyshow@gmail.com Support the show at: patreon.com/whywhywhyshow and get access to "One More Thing" our Patreon-only Podcast. More search terms! More interesting trivia!Support the show
新加坡电台UFM100.3傍晚班《啦啦啦4到8》 《Joseph Ask》单元 每天都有很多很多很多听众参与《Joseph Ask》! 大家一起集思广益,一起学习面对生活课题的不同处理方式。 有任何想问的问题(有聊无聊都行)可在傍晚4pm-8pm发简讯到88551003。喜欢这个节目单元要分享出去哦~ --- 文鸿老大 靖禾Drew哥 《啦啦啦4到8》 星期一至五 4-8pm Follow us: @wenhong1003 @andrewzhan
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva recently pointed out that 345 million people in the world were now suffering from a food crisis as a result of Russia’s war in Ukraine, high inflation and climate disasters. It is a race against time now to address global food hunger. In the Spotlight on Prime Time, Bharati Jagdish speaks with Duke Hipp, Director, Public Affairs & Strategic Partnerships, CropLife Asia on global food security and sustainability. 
The Lion City Sailors’ arrival as Singapore’s first privatised club shook the local football scene in 2020. Now two years on, the Sailors have released several of their highest-paid local footballers and The Straits Times understands that the club has also parted ways with a host of backroom staff. In The Straits Times' The Big Story, Multimedia Correspondent Hairianto Diman speaks with journalist Deepanraj Ganesan to find out more about these developments. 
The rising interest rates in Singapore are eroding buyers’ purchasing power which is dampening property demand in a significant manner. What will happen as these interest rates keep increasing given Singapore’s open economy and its strong correlation with the US interest rates?  In Powering Your Property on Prime Time, Bharati Jagdish speaks with Wong Xian Yang, Head of Research, Cushman & Wakefield to find out what rising interest rates means for property investors and the broad private residential real estate market here. 
While we may not be able to teleport you to the metaverse, we hope to get you thinking about the financial and economic implications of building the metaverse. Well, a recent analysis performed by Deloitte estimated that the impact of the metaverse to GDP in Asia could be between US$0.8 to 1.4 trillion per year by 2035. That’s roughly about 2.4 per cent of overall GDP.  Called “The metaverse in Asia - Strategies for accelerating economic impact”, the report showcases the potential impact of the metaverse in 12 Asian economies and highlights the strategies adopted by these economies to capture the benefits of the metaverse. But what are some of these strategies and how much investments do countries need to put in to reap the rewards of change? Also - is this shift towards the metaverse inevitable and could we see a reshuffle of tech giants after this so-called ‘battle to build up the metaverse?  On Market View, Prime Time’s finance presenter Chua Tian Tian posed these questions to Duleesha Kulasooriya, Southeast Asia Leader at Deloitte Center for the Edge.
完美是一种错觉,甚至可能是一种病。最好的,既是中庸之道,过得自己过得人。 灵感 Credit IG: @betterme.magazine 克敏IG: @mintsoblessed
冠状病毒肆虐全球近三年,中国政府依然坚持“动态清零”。11月24日晚上,新疆首府乌鲁木齐市一栋住宅大楼发生大火,造成十死九伤。愤怒的民众认为防疫封控措施是导致救援工作延误的原因之一,并到乌鲁木齐市政府外抗议示威。这股示威浪潮也在上海、北京、南京等大城市蔓延。中国严格的防疫封控措施到临界点了吗?示威活动是否会演变成六四2.0呢?这期的早报播客《东谈西论》,听《联合早报》副总编辑韩咏红,以及驻中国上海、北京和重庆的三位特派员陈婧、黄小芳和王纬温梳理分析。 延伸阅读: 多地民众发起不满防疫措施集会 北京上海等加大警力严防抗议延烧 北京南京高校学生抗议 上海市民连续两天聚集 乌鲁木齐火灾点燃中国各地怒火 乌鲁木齐高楼火灾 市民抗议要求解封 北京被封居民向官员施压 部分小区提前解封 中国卫健委:贯彻优化防控20条措施 防疫须防“一封了之”“一放了之” 纵观天下,监测中国心跳,由《联合早报》副总编辑韩咏红主持的国际时事播客《东谈西论》,每周探讨国际热点话题,分析国际时政动态。每逢星期二新加坡时间晚上7时更新。

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