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What a year it’s been! From the unrelenting worry of high inflation, to the Ukraine War and even the possibility of a recession caused by an aggressive Fed, 2022 has been nothing but a box full of surprises. Today on Money and Me, Dan Koh invites Chris Tan, CEO, Providend to reflect on the transitions that we have experienced in 2022, and 3 lessons learnt from these events that will definitely be useful to you as we step into this exciting new year.
What did the recent release of the November ISM data signal about the state of the US economy? And how might Foxconn’s report of a decline in its November revenue impact Apple? Dan Koh and Ryan Huang investigate.
你是不是有时也会一直没办法真正的休息,觉得世界好吵自己脑海里的声音好吵? 灵感 Credit IG: @iyasareta.z 克敏IG: @mintsoblessed
Driven by massive growth in the digital payments sector, the consumer trends taking shape in  Southeast Asia are creating exciting opportunities for online retailers looking to expand their reach. E-commerce in SEA maintains persistent growth despite resumption of offline shopping. Now with high user adoption, e-commerce players are instead focusing on boosting frequency, value, and loyalty of existing users. Society Pass has recently announced the integration of Stripe’s financial infrastructure solutions onto their platform to power transaction settlement services for merchants and customers on SoPa’s ecosystem. Rokas Sid-laus-kas, Chief Marketing Officer, Society Pass shares more. 
With geopolitical uncertainty in Europe and Asia, global supply chain disruptions, and the US Fed continuing to raise interest rates, global markets remain in a general state of uncertainty, with the prospect of a recession looming. However, Singapore has shown signs of resilience against these global economic pressures, with a strong performance from local banks reported in Q3. Paul Chew, Head of Research, Phillip Securities Research shares more on how global market volatility will continue to affect Singapore's overall outlook.
On The BIG Show today, we found out about pet names, a new pregnancy test in the market and if you would allow your children to swear in front of you. Tune in to The BIG Show weekdays from 6am - 10am, for your daily dose of unadulterated fun and wit, on ONE FM 91.3! Connect with us on Instagram: @onefm913 @Glennn @angeliqueteo @fdonefm @shaun_tupaz Don't forget to support our other podcast - Angel's - "The Land Before Bed Time"
In today's Breakfast Brief, we unpack the latest US economic data reflecting a hotter than expected labour market, which is dampening hopes that Fed rate policy may not be dialed back so soon.
Today on The Morning Show with Carol, Josh & Jill, we shared the findings on why pre-primary tuition does more harm than good, gave the latest updates on durian prices (don't say bojio!), and reminisced the days of Bob McGrath on Sesame Street! Tune in now for your daily dose of laughter, exciting prizes, latest news, and all the great songs in one place only on Kiss92FM!

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