Your Money with Michelle Martin

Weekdays, 9AM - 12PM
It’s all about Your Money with Michelle Martin from 9am to 12pm. How to save, invest and make the best financial decisions for yourself. Listen to inspiring thinkers with “Influence” and hear from great authors in “Read”.


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Weekdays, 6AM - 9AM
Breakfast with Ryan Huang, Emaad Akhtar and Audrey Siek
Get a head start on your workday with Ryan Huang, Emaad Akhtar and Audrey Siek from 6am to 9am. Listen to insightful discussions on the stories and issues that matter the most to you and be apprised of the markets and the companies to watch.
Weekdays, 1PM - 4PM
The Afternoon Update with Lynlee Foo
Stay in the know with programs such as Viewpoint and Industry Insights in property, cryptocurrency, aviation, and shipping. We delve into the latest news, current events, and market updates to provide you with valuable insights into making informed financial decisions.
Monday - Friday, 4pm - 7pm
The Evening Runway with with Hongbin Jeong, Roshan Gidwani & Chua Tian Tian
From politics to pop culture, we've got it all. Get ready to immerse in the world of business, lifestyle, culture, fashion, travel and sports.
Friday, 7pm – 9pm
Friday Night LIVE with Neil Humphreys & Dan Koh
Neil and Dan welcome the weekend with quizzes, health hacks and prize giveaways in an entertaining look back at the week.
Saturdays, 9AM - 12PM
Glenn van Zutphen on Saturday Mornings with Neil Humphreys
Start your weekend right with Glenn van Zutphen and Neil Humphreys with their interesting mix of guests from 9 am to 12noon. Be informed and entertained with news commentary by international journalists and tips on interesting places and exhibitions to catch in Singapore.
On The Show with Jill Lim
On The Show with Jill Lim offers an eclectic mix of conversations - from a peak behind the curtain of people with unique careers and alternative income streams to discovering the world of music to family-friendly activities and women’s health.
Nights on MONEY FM 89.3
As the sun sets and the city lights twinkle, join us for a captivating blend of tunes and timely recaps that promise to make your evenings unforgettable.
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