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Bayangkan sedang ramai temannya mempunyai banyak sekolah untuk dipilih selepas Peperiksaan Tamat Sekolah Rendah (PSLE), Lee Syafiq hanya mempunyai beberapa pilihan sahaja. Ini kerana beliau hanya meraih agregat 94 sahaja dan terus ke aliran Normal Teknikal. Daripada situ, beliau terus melanjutkan pelajaran ke Institut Pendidikan Teknikal (ITE) sambil mengikuti kursus kulinari. Hasil bekerja sambilan di gerai mak ciknya, Lee Syafiq seakan tertarik dengan suasana bekerja sebagai penjaja. Daripada satu gerai, jenama Ashes Burnnit telah berkembang kepada enam cawangan di seluruh Singapura. Dan baru-baru ini, beliau juga telah membuka satu lagi cawangan di New York! Terdapat juga rancangan untuk mengembangkan cawangan tersebut ke bahagian Amerika Syarikat yang lain. Atas kecekalan, tekad dan kesungguhan untuk mencorak laluan kejayaannya sendiri, Lee Syafiq merupakan penerima Anugerah Jauhari Harapan Berita Harian 2022. Dengar dan raih inspirasi daripada kisah anak muda ini 
新加坡电台UFM100.3傍晚班《啦啦啦4到8》 《Joseph Ask》单元 每天都有很多很多很多听众参与《Joseph Ask》! 大家一起集思广益,一起学习面对生活课题的不同处理方式。 有任何想问的问题(有聊无聊都行)可在傍晚4pm-8pm发简讯到88551003。喜欢这个节目单元要分享出去哦~ --- 文鸿老大 靖禾Drew哥 《啦啦啦4到8》 星期一至五 4-8pm Follow us: @wenhong1003 @andrewzhan
Have you ever had to constantly adjust your sunglasses which never seems to stay on, especially for Asians with lower nose bridges, made worse by the sweltering Singapore heat? Plus, for those who are into active sports, we’re sure this is more than just an inconvenience. What if we told you that there are sunglasses that can stay on your nose without slipping off, frame your face, and are easy on your wallet? In the Spotlight, Bharati Jagdish speaks with Kenneth Tan, Co-Founder, Sunday Shades, for their eyewear that fits Asian features.
The drive to get people back into offices is clashing with workers who’ve embraced remote work as the new normal. Like other employees around the globe who have become accustomed to a hybrid work environment, Singaporeans are pushing back on employers who insist they return to the office full-time. According to a new study by Employment Hero, polling over 1,000 Singaporean knowledge workers, 46% of remote and hybrid workers would consider leaving their jobs if employers forced them to return to the office full-time. Prime Time’s Bharati Jagdish speaks with Alex Hattingh, Chief People Officer, Employment Hero to find out more the study. 
The commercial property market in Asia is in focus today. According to the latest Asia Pacific Capital Trends report from MSCI Real Assets, inflationary pressures and a spike in borrowing costs had weighed on dealmaking in APAC in the third quarter of the year,  Investment volume came up to be just US$32.6 billion in Q3, a 38 per cent drop from a year ago.  And across major income producing property sectors, retail fared the worst with transaction volume dropping by over 54% on a yearly basis. There were also signs of yields moving out for some sectors, such as the industrial sector in South Korea.  But why is this the case, and with China doling out support to bolster its property, and higher rates in major economies such as South Korea, what’s the outlook for Asia’s commercial property market?  On Market View, Prime Time’s finance presenter Chua Tian Tian spoke with Benjamin Chow, Head of Asia Real Assets Research at MSCI for more.
The uneven post-pandemic recovery, record-high inflation, soaring interest rates and geopolitical and market uncertainty have hit Singaporeans’ financial wellness. This year’s OCBC Financial Wellness Index dipped to 61, returning the score to 2020 levels. And the decline comes on the back of poorer investment returns, increased debt stress and derailed retirement plans. On Money in the Market, Hongbin Jeong spoke to Aaron Chwee, Head of Wealth Advisory, OCBC Bank to find out some of the investment trends amongst Singaporeans. 

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