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TGIF,又是星期五了。 泡一杯咖啡,听《联合早报》播客《茶水间三问》畅聊天下事。 主持人吴婉君每周提出三个发人深省的问题,解说新加坡海内外的热点话题。从新加坡新闻事件到国际大事,《茶水间三问》为听众提供更全面的视角。 早报播客可以在《联合早报》网站和应用,以及Apple Podcasts,Google Podcasts,Spotify和各大播客平台收听。 Grab a cup of coffee from your pantry and join us every week. Lianhe Zaobao’s podcast Pantry News Talk is your perfect companion for an informative and enjoyable break. Published every Friday afternoon, this podcast delves deep into the hottest topics in Singapore and beyond. In each episode, the host Christie Ng raises three thought-provoking questions that tackle a wide range of news topics, from Singaporean issues to global matters, giving listeners a well-rounded perspective. Pantry News Talk is available on Lianhe Zaobao website and app as well as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and other podcast platforms.