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31 May, 2023
How should often should we wash our favourite pair of Levi's jeans? To produce a single pair of jeans can use up to 3,800 litres of water in its lifetime. This is equivalent to the average amount of water consumed by an individual over the course of about 1,200 to 1,900 days, or approximately 3 to 5 years. The World Economic Forum rates water issues among the top financial risks to the global economy, and the United Nations estimates that 2 billion people live in countries experiencing high water stress. So, how is Levi Strauss & Co making a significant impact on water stewardship? In this episode of Mind Your Business, we will uncover how the trailblazer of denim is leading the eco-fashion movement. From innovative approaches, their commitment to sustainability, the impact they're making on the fashion industry, conscious consumption, to creating a more ethical and environmentally responsible future, Jeff Hogue, Chief Sustainability Office, Levi's Strauss & Co joins us from San Francisco, USA, to share how this 170-year-old brand is going beyond blue jeans to drive sustainability and shape the future of fashion.  Presented by Ryan Huang This podcast is produced and edited by Anthea Ng ( Do contact her for topics: C-Suite, SME, Sustainability, Property, Intergenerational Business, Industry Outlook, Fintech Highlights:  (00:13) Intro (02:33) How is Levi making a significant impact on water stewardship? (04:02) Could you explain what is pumice stone waste and by eliminating that, how does it help to reduce footprint in the apparel supply chain? (06:08) What are the other initiatives Levi has undertaken to create a circular economy where nothing is wasted? (07:59) How often should one wash our pair of Levi jeans to help save the planet? (08:55) How does Levi's combat the issue of greenwashing to ensure consumers that the company's sustainability efforts are authentic and transparent? (10:31) How effective is sustainability-linked compensation for green goals? (11:41) What's next for Levi towards zero-waste?

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