《三言两语》播客系列由新加坡华族文化中心呈献,早报播客制作。随《联合早报》副刊编辑陈素君和副刊记者陈宇昕一起了解新加坡华人的文化和故事。 What makes a "Chinese Singaporean"? Guests share their experiences and opinions with Lianhe Zaobao Fukan sub-editor Tan Sor Koon and correspondent Tan Yu Xin in Same Same But Different. The podcast series is presented by Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre and produced by Zaobao Podcasts.

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30 Sep, 2022
新加坡的注册生死程序数码化,移民与关卡局5月29日之后就不再发出纸质证书给新生儿,电子版出生证取代纸质出生纸后不再注明父母籍贯引起争议。电子版出生证推行四个月后,当局决定再次在出生证上注明籍贯。 这一期的早报播客《三言两语》,邀请 Our Grandfather Story 的联合创始人陈扬意和冈州会馆青年团主任黄钰清分享他们如何看待自己的籍贯和寻根的意义。 陈扬意在南大读书时期开始投身短片拍摄。2017年,她和同学共同成立视频媒体Our Grandfather Story,旗下节目包括《Can Ask Meh?》、《Can We Agree to Disagree?》。 黄钰清自小爱看武侠片,在2016年放弃欧洲工商管理学院(INSEAD)的博士学位课程,投身于弘扬宗乡文化。2018年,她是“好嘢节”的发起人兼总监,“好嘢节”以推广新加坡广客文化为宗旨,鼓励年轻人寻根。钰清也拍摄了纪录短片《消失的飘香记忆》。 In Singapore, babies born after May 29, 2022, will be issued with digital birth certificates instead of physical certificates. Among the fields of information that were left out from the digital birth certificates included parents’ dialect groups. After the exclusion of this information drew strong reactions from the public, the authorities decided to reinstate parents’ dialect groups in the birth certificates.  In this episode, Carine Tan, co-founder of Our Grandfather Story, and Lynn Wong, the youth group leader of Kong Chow Wui Koon Singapore, share their views and stories about dialect groups and cultural roots.  Our Grandfather Story started off as a filming project at Nanyang Technological University. The project was well received and subsequently received funding to be developed into a media company.  Lynn Wong switched careers from academia to preserving Singapore’s Chinese heritage. In 2018, she launched Ho Yeah Festival, to showcase Cantonese and Hakka culture as well as to inspire the youth to connect with their cultural roots. She also produced a documentary short film “Reviving Our Forefathers' Disappearing Foods”.

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