We’re still in the month of November and as a salute to Manvember - a dedicated month to celebrating manliness, Simon Lim puts the spotlight on men’s sexual health issues. He speaks to the Co-Founder of NOAH, Singapore’s first discreet health clinic for men. What are the treatments that men seek that require discretion?  What is the patient journey like at NOAH?  Simon also interviews Dr. Kevin Chua of NOAH who will dispel myths about male ejaculation and share how men may possibly last longer during sexual intercourse with various techniques and oral medication. Dr. Chua will also address the issue of erectile dysfunction and male hair loss.  Does the shampoo that men use play a part in maintaining more hair on the head?  Is male hair loss reversible if it has unfortunately progressed beyond the early stage? Find out these answers and listen to these sensitive topics in Episode 17 of The Sensitive Man Podcast.  Please visit these links:   WEBSITE LINK    FACEBOOK  LINK INSTAGRAM LINKS  @menofnoah @onefm913  @sphradio  @singaporepressholdings OTHER LINKS  #ofbynoah    ABOUT THE SENSITIVE MAN The Sensitive Man is a podcast voiced and produced by Simon Lim, a radio personality on ONE FM 91.3, a station of SPH Radio in Singapore.  This lifestyle podcast series gives insights to the modern man's approach to life and discoveries. From men's grooming and fitness to tasting whiskies; bespoke tailoring; architecture, art and design; as well as indulging in gastronomy or comfort food - a myriad of things appeal to and beckons the sensitive new age man. Listen and be seduced by the perspectives of this show.  Connect with Simon Lim:  Follow Simon Lim on Instagram:  simonlim.personality    

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