In the Spotlight: Cracking the code: A 19-year-old’s formula to ace your General Paper
Published on 19 Jan, 2023
A 19-year-old has taken a year-gap in her studies to focus on her tuition business, where she has cracked the code to help fellow peers ace that GP paper. In the Spotlight on Prime Time, Bharati Jagdish and Timothy Go chat with Brooke Lim, Founder of Classicle Clubabout her decision to stop her studies for her fledgling business as well as the latest challenge to English teachers - ChatGPT - an easy-to-use AI tool trained on billions of words and a ton of data from the web. Produced and edited by Anthea Ng ( Highlights of the conversation: 01.50 : The motivation behind taking a year gap from her studies to run a business 02.50 : The decision to focus on her tuition business over a working in the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the lessons learnt in a corporate job that helped her business. 04.57 : The reason behind teaching the General Paper 06.11 : Are schools not doing enough for students? 10.27 : ChatGPT versus teachers, the good and the bad.