ST: The Big Story, 24 June - $3 increase in taxi fare from Changi Airport

Published Date: 24-06-2022

Taking a taxi from Changi Airport will be $3 more expensive until the end of the year, with the extra location surcharge extending by another six months. Taxi rides starting from the airport, Changi Air Freight Centre, the Airport Police Station and the Airport Logistics Park of Singapore, will cost an additional $8 every day from 5pm to 11.59pm, and an additional $6 at all other times. Before the fare hike, the airport surcharge was $5 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 5pm to 11.59pm, and $3 at all other times. In The Straits Times’ The Big Story, Assistant video editor Olivia Quay spoke with transport correspondent Kok Yufeng on the reasons for the extension.

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