TEEN SUICIDE AWARENESS. October is World Mental Health Awareness Month, and in this episode of The Sensitive Man Podcast, Simon Lim gains further insights to a sensitive subject – teenage suicide.  Simon interviews the CEO of Académie of Stars, Kuo Po (who has created a music video with the help of past and present students of her performing arts school) to reach out to teens and youths, bringing awareness to the issues of teen suicide and social anxieties. The song is a reinterpretation of “You Will Be Found” from the musical “Dear Evan Hansen”. Kuo Po elaborates on how music can connect with young people and is therapy for a lonely soul. She reminds every teen that they are not alone. This podcast episode also features Elaine Lek, a mother who lost her 17-year-old teenage son to suicide.  Elaine shares her heartbreaking story regarding her son Zen Dylan Koh and sheds light on the warning signs of a suicidal child.  She also speaks about the PleaseStay. Movement founded by a group of mothers united by the loss of their children to suicide. Elaine gives her opinion on how schools and employers can help make the environment a more compassionate one for individuals suffering from mental health challenges. Listen to this podcast for you could help save a young person’s life.  WEBSITE LINKS   www.academieofstars.com   www.thezendylankohfund.org   www.pleasestaymovement.com INSTAGRAM LINKS  @academieofstars  @pleasestaymovement  @onefm913  @sphradio  @singaporepressholdings  @onefmlovesongs  @simonlim.personality  @samaritansofsingapore   OTHER LINKS  #academieofstars   #pleasestaymovementsingapore  #samaritansofsingapore  ABOUT THE SENSITIVE MAN The Sensitive Man is a podcast voiced and produced by Simon Lim, a radio personality on ONE FM 91.3, a station of SPH Radio in Singapore.  This lifestyle podcast series gives insights to the modern man's approach to life and discoveries. From men's grooming and fitness to tasting whiskies; bespoke tailoring; architecture, art and design; as well as indulging in gastronomy or comfort food - a myriad of things appeal to and beckons the sensitive new age man. Listen and be seduced by the perspectives of this show.  Connect with Simon Lim: https://www.facebook.com/onefmlovesongs/  Follow Simon Lim on Instagram:  simonlim.personality    

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