Market View: Outlook for Singapore’s banking sector and Singapore banks’ dollar Tier 2 bonds in 2023, Higher interest rates on Thailand’s household debt and mortgage default rates, Possibility of Thai borrowers turning to unsecured retail products
Published on 26 Jan, 2023
The credit market is in focus today as tightening monetary conditions and trade tensions continue to dampen global market activity.  We’ll start from home in Singapore. Earlier, market reports suggested that Singapore’s three largest banks could see a possible increase in bad loans and softer loan growth this year, but which are the risks to watch and which bank will be best-placed to weather the economic slowdown?  Further away, JP Morgan is expecting to see Thailand’s interest rates peak this quarter at 1.75 per cent, but how would this impact the country’s banking sector amid elevated levels of household debt? And to what extent would higher interest rates make borrowers turn to unsecured retail products? On Market View, Prime Time’s finance presenter Chua Tian Tian posed these questions to Rena Kwok, Credit Analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence.