Money in the Market: Why does "culture" matter when it comes to investing?
Published on 21 Mar, 2023

Culture is something that is intangible when viewed from a traditional financial investment standpoint. But why does culture matter when it comes to investing? How does culture play a role? On Money in the Market, Hongbin Jeong speaks to Yan Gao, Portfolio Manager and Business Analyst, WCM Investment Management to find out how WCM Investment Management uses culture as a metric to screen potential investable companies.



00:55 - How is "culture" investable?
03:00 - What are some methods used to for a equity screening process?
04:34 - Why does "culture" matter when it comes to investing? 
05:26 - How do companies with a "strong" culture perform better?
06:30 - What should investors note when they want to invest in a "strong" culture?