GALAXY DANCE ACADEMY Feat. Mikhail Eremeev and Olesya Eremeeva

Published Date: 22-06-2022

On Episode 57 of The Sensitive Man Podcast, Simon Lim puts the spotlight on Mikhail Eremeev and Olesya Eremeeva who founded Galaxy Dance Academy in Singapore and teach its many students of all ages and who come from all walks of life. Hear their love story and their love for dance! Mikhail and Olesya have spent more than 25 years competing on the world stage. They reveal when they started dancing, and how they met each other. By listening to this podcast, you will also gain insights to the dance journey of a student from Beginner level to Advanced level and beyond at Galaxy Dance Academy. You will learn a bit about the history of ballroom dancing and what it is today. Find out what the Mikhail Eremeev and Olesya Eremeeva signature dancing style is. Some students from Galaxy Dance Academy also share why they took up dancing and which dance or dances they are particularly fond of.  WEBSITE INSTAGRAM   @onefm913   @galaxy_dance_academy_sg  @mikhail_eremeev    @olesyaeremeeva        FACEBOOK @onefm913   @sphmediatrust   #onefm913  #sphradio  #singaporepressholdings  #podcast  @spotifypodcasts  @googlepodcasts   @itunespodcast   #thesensitivemanpodcast   @thesensitivemanpodcast   #singaporepodcasts   #announcer   #singaporeradio    #radiosingapore   #onefmlovesongs  #singaporeradiopresenter   #singaporeradiodj   #radiodj  #ballroomdancing  #dancing  #danceschool  #dancesport   #blackpoolballroomdancing  ABOUT THE SENSITIVE MAN The Sensitive Man is a podcast voiced and produced by Simon Lim, a radio personality on ONE FM 91.3, a station of SPH Media in Singapore.  Simon puts the focus on personalities in society who will inspire us through their expert knowledge in their respective fields, and who have something personal to share. Be inspired by people from all walks of life. This lifestyle podcast series gives insights to life, perspectives and discoveries. Follow Simon Lim on Instagram:  @simonlim.personality Listen to Simon Lim on ONE FM 91.3, a station of SPH Media in Singapore as he hosts his weekday radio show, ONE FM Love Songs. Tune in from Monday to Friday, 8pm-12am (Singapore time) and listen via this link:

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