In the Spotlight: Sunglasses that fit Asian features
Published on 30 Nov, 2022
Have you ever had to constantly adjust your sunglasses which never seems to stay on, especially for Asians with lower nose bridges, made worse by the sweltering Singapore heat? Plus, for those who are into active sports, we’re sure this is more than just an inconvenience. What if we told you that there are sunglasses that can stay on your nose without slipping off, frame your face, and are easy on your wallet? In the Spotlight, Bharati Jagdish speaks with Kenneth Tan, Co-Founder, Sunday Shades, for their eyewear that fits Asian features. Produced and edited by Anthea Ng ( Highlights from the conversation: 02:17: Making the switch from running a cloud-hosting company to retail eyewear 07:12: Taking the risk in creating shades that fit the Asian features 08:20: With 20,000 pairs of sunglasses to date, what is the key to success for the brand? 12:14: How does Sunday Shades keep cost low? 14:05: Expansion plans and future strategies for competing with bigger players in the market