Art investments outperformed S&P 500 over last 25 years: BT Money Hacks (Ep 124)
Published on 31 Jul, 2022
Synopsis: Every first and third Monday of the month, The Business Times breaks down useful financial tips. The art market consistently returns 7.6% to investors and contemporary art investments have outperformed the S&P 500 over the last 25 years. But investing in fine art carries big risks. Artwork does not generate any ongoing cash flows, like interest payments or dividends. So is art investing now a good hedge against inflation? For more insights, correspondent Howie Lim speaks to Wendy Fang and Yi Ziwei, specialists, 20th & 21st Century Art Department, Christie’s Asia Pacific  Highlights of the conversation:  01:51 Why art investing is challenging 02:51 Major trends in art investing 07:44 Blue chip art and artists 09:24 Fractional art investing 11:48 NFTs the most lucrative? Produced by: Howie Lim ( and Claressa Monteiro Edited by: Howie Lim Follow BT Money Hacks every first and third Monday of the month, and rate us on: Channel: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Google podcasts: Website: Feedback to: Do note: This podcast is meant to provide general information only. SPH Media accepts no liability for loss arising from any reliance on the podcast or use of third party’s products and services. Please consult professional advisors for independent advice.  --- Discover more BT podcast series: BT Mark To Market Podcast at: WealthBT at: PropertyBT at: BT Market Focus: BT Podcasts at: --- For more on personal finance, go to: