Health Suites: How artificial intelligence is helping doctors detect subtle colon polyps
Published on 05 Jul, 2022
On Health Suites, flat polyps are difficult for doctors to detect. Yet, they need to be found and removed as they can become cancerous and some may do so more quickly than regular polyps. Melissa Hyak speaks to Dr Frederick Koh, Consultant at Department of Surgery at Sengkang General Hospital to find how artificial intelligence helps doctors detect such subtle colon polyps. Highlights:  00:44 - What are flat polyps?  03:36 - Are flat polyps more common in older adults? 06:32 - How can you screen for flat polyps as they are more difficult to detect?  09:01 - How has artificial intelligence helped with detecting flat polyps easier?  15:58 - What can we do to prevent flat polyps?