Ukraine, Asia theatres have fused: Speaking of Asia
Published on 12 Jan, 2023

Synopsis: Every second Friday of the month, join The Straits Times' associate editor Ravi Velloor, as he distills his experience from four decades of covering the continent.

In this first episode of 2023, he chats with Serge Besanger, a director of Paris-based Centre for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies, on how the war in Europe is shaping and the potential for it to spread to Asia, thanks to the strategic compact between Russia and China.

Besanger, who divides his time between Paris and Singapore, says Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to widen the war and that risks bringing Asia into the conflict. 

Highlights (click/tap above):

1:30 How Besanger's organisation sends life-saving blood 'pouches' into Ukraine

8:50 French to supply ‘hot pursuit’ tanks to Ukraine

12:05 Fusing of Asian, European theatres

15:03 Which Asian nations are aiding Russia?

17:25 Europe’s view of China slides; how Russian-Ukraine war could last another three years

Produced by: Ravi Velloor (, Ernest Luis, Hadyu Rahim and Fa’izah Sani

Edited by: Hadyu Rahim and Fa’izah Sani

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