71: Make Up For Lost Blinks

Published Date: 22-06-2022

Do cruise ships get their water from the sea? Why does red mean 'stop', and green mean 'go'? Why do Backstreet Boys' songs have such bad grammar? What is the Desert Rain Frog? . Jin An and Elisa Liu discuss interesting stuff that they looked up that week. If you have interesting things in your search histories, drop us a comment or DM on our social media and we will look it up on the show! . Instagram: @WhyWhyWhyShow Facebook: Why Why Why Show Twitter: @WhyWhyWhyShow Email: whywhywhyshow@gmail.com Support the show at: patreon.com/whywhywhyshow and get access to "One More Thing" our Patreon-only Podcast. More search terms! More interesting trivia!

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