EXERGAME 4D Feat. Alfred Sim, Ascend Fitness

Published Date: 15-05-2022

In Episode 54 of The Sensitive Man Podcast, Simon Lim speaks to Alfred Sim, Co-Founder of Ascend Fitness Singapore who will share about Exergame4D. In a nutshell, Exergame4D is a Korean concept that provides a fun way for you and your friends to exercise in an interactive digital setting, whereby participants would follow an exercise regime and imitate the actions digitalized on the exercise floor. It's super cool. You will just need to download the Exergame4D app, and what is unique is its real-time motion capture and extraction technologies using a remote sensing method. There are various types of programs available, depending on your group's fitness level. It is best to sign up with your buddies, besties or even colleagues to compete with each other in timing and completion of each set of exercise.  Life is about experiences, so experience Exergame4D if you're in Singapore. It is available at Ascend Fitness.  Listen to this podcast to learn more about ExerGame 4D. WEBSITES   https://www.ascendfitness-sg.com   https://www.exergame4d.com/# INSTAGRAM LINKS   @onefm913   @exergame4dsg        FACEBOOK   https://www.facebook.com/exergame4dsg-101351929191731/ @onefm913   #sphmedia   #onefm913  #sphradio  #singaporepressholdings  #podcast  @zolafredo  @ascendfitness_sg @spotifypodcasts  @googlepodcasts @itunespodcast   #thesensitivemanpodcast   @thesensitivemanpodcast   #singaporepodcasts   #announcer   #singaporeradio    #radiosingapore   #onefmlovesongs  #singaporeradiopresenter   #singaporeradiodj   #radiodj   ABOUT THE SENSITIVE MAN The Sensitive Man is a podcast voiced and produced by Simon Lim, a radio personality on ONE FM 91.3, a station of SPH Media in Singapore.  Simon puts the focus on personalities in society who will inspire us through their expert knowledge in their respective fields, and who have something personal to share. Be inspired by people from all walks of life. This lifestyle podcast series gives insights to life, perspectives and discoveries, where you will find the conversations extremely informative and educational. Follow Simon Lim on Instagram:  @simonlim.personality Listen to Simon Lim on ONE FM 91.3, a station of SPH Media in Singapore as he hosts his weekday radio show, ONE FM Love Songs. Tune in from Monday to Friday, 8pm-12am (Singapore time) and listen via this link:   https://www.awedio.sg

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