Salary Transparency: What are the pros and cons?

Published Date: 03-08-2022

A survey has found that the Gen Z workforce is pretty open about sharing their salaries with their peers. Some big companies overseas have also embraced salary transparency, while some remain skeptical. To weigh the pros and cons, Prime Time’s Timothy Go and Bharati Jagdish speak with Alena Salakhova, Regional Director of STEM-specialist recruiters, SThree to get more insights. Highlights of the conversation: 01:45 : Gen Z workers are shaking things up at the workplace when it comes to pay transparency.  03:03 : How effective is salary transparency in closing the gender wage gap and negotiations? 06:14 : What employers should take note of when hiring millennial and Gen-Zs.  08:20 : Should salary transparency be enshrined in corporate practices in Singapore? 10:27: Ways salary transparency has worked to address biases in the United States

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