《Lim Teh来讲古》之福建话和歌曲
Published on 04 May, 2020
How many ways can you describe “hitting someone”, in Hokkien? (Hint: you will need both hands and maybe more). In this episode, “Ah Boy” Tosh Zhang and Getai veteran Anna Lin chats with host Jack Neo about the colourful dialect and how it inspires and is given a fresh spin in pop songs.  在福建话当中,究竟能用多少种方式形容“打人”?在这一集的《Lim Teh来讲古》中,本地新晋艺人张智扬、歌台资深艺人林茹萍一同与主持人梁志强畅谈本地福建话的色彩和特dian,还有它如何为华语流行音乐,引进新的元素。 This series is produced by Zaobao.sg. For other podcast series, visit https://www.zaobao.com.sg/podcast