It is November and it is also Manvember – a dedicated month to celebrating manliness. In Episode 16 of The Sensitive Man Podcast, Simon Lim brings to attention some men’s sexual health issues by speaking with Dr. Sam Peh, a general surgeon from PanAsia Surgery Group specialising in urology. Find out the process of a prostate check in a medical setting, and is it true that men ejaculate more frequently, they would reduce their risk of developing prostate cancer? Should men be concerned if they are not ejaculating enough semen at any one time?  Is it true that consuming foods rich in lycopene prevents prostate cancer? What are the latest techniques to treat prostate cancer?  What are the causes for male infertility and treatments?  What is the benchmark for men to “keep it up” during sexual intercourse?  In Vasectomy reversal, how soon after the operation would healthy sperm activity be achieved to procreate?  Is erectile dysfunction more a psychological or physical issue, and what types of treatments are available?  Find out these answers and more on this sensitive topic from Dr. Sam Peh.  Please visit these links:   WEBSITE LINK    FACEBOOK  LINK INSTAGRAM LINKS  @panasiasurgerygroup @panasiasurg  @onefm913  @sphradio  @singaporepressholdings OTHER LINKS  #panasiasurgerygroup  #panasiasurg   ABOUT THE SENSITIVE MAN The Sensitive Man is a podcast voiced and produced by Simon Lim, a radio personality on ONE FM 91.3, a station of SPH Radio in Singapore.  This lifestyle podcast series gives insights to the modern man's approach to life and discoveries. From men's grooming and fitness to tasting whiskies; bespoke tailoring; architecture, art and design; as well as indulging in gastronomy or comfort food - a myriad of things appeal to and beckons the sensitive new age man. Listen and be seduced by the perspectives of this show.  Connect with Simon Lim:  Follow Simon Lim on Instagram:  simonlim.personality

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